There are many factors that make for the best buy electric skateboard and many essentials people like you desire most, be it the longest range, ease of turning and carving the streets or simply the most rapid beast of a board. We have spent our time looking for the board that ticks every box so you don’t have to.

Each of these electronic skateboards/longboards are unique and created for a purpose from work commutes to sheer thrill of the ride or even just to make your usual skate routes that little bit more enjoyable.

#1 Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

The number 1 spot has to go to the guys at Boosted with their revolutionary technology and dedication to making something truly awesome. The batteries can be charged via mains but also charge as you ride! Meaning you can cover great distances, the manufacturers state 7 miles but people have claimed getting more and having charge to spare.

3 Microprocessors combined with many sensors and a dual drive system AND 2000W of power, this board is truly a beast and any thrill seekers true dream board. Weight 13.5lbs can get heavy after carrying for extended periods.

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  • Unmatched Technology and aerospace grade batteries
  • 100% Bamboo Deck (Flexible and Strong)
  • Self Charging System
  • Excellent power and breaking
  • Can reach a belting 22mph!
  • Speed control mechanisms
  • Only takes up to 1 hour to charge


  • Wheels prone to wear (as is the same with all motorized boards)
  • Can be a bit difficult to manually push

Boosted have even released a second generation which has caused quite a stir, my reasoning for not putting the second gen in this Top 10 as I want to see it on the market for longer.

The second gen has a lot more features but the same standard battery however there is the option to buy the extended battery, this allows you to get up to a range of 12-14 miles. Check it out here

#2 Inboard M1 Premium Electric Skateboard – Longer Ride

The M1 is slightly different to the rest of the e-boards in the sense it’s not built around the motors, making it easy to push if you choose to instead of being propelled all the time, a skaters’ life made easy. It’s 3 speed settings make it usable for any skill range, and has a swappable battery system (each battery will go for approx 7 mile range and takes only 90 mins to charge).

1000W continuous and 1600W max motor reaching a rapid 22mph max speed. The creative design enables for a smooth ride and the option to skate with ease when the batteries run out make this a serious contender especially for the cost. Weight 14.5lbs (Standard weight)
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  • Rides like a normal board but packs a serious punch when activated
  • Approved for air travel – Go anywhere LITERALLY!
  • Swappable Battery (7miles range est. per battery with 90 min charge time each)
  • Regenerative Brake System
  • Reaches speeds of 22mph with some riders reporting higher
  • Integrated LED lights


  • Suggested to be louder than boards of a similar price
  • Not as good acceleration from standstill but the board is intended to improve the longboarding experience not as an alternative method of transport.

#3 Teamgee Electric skateboard/ longboard

The guys at Teamgee have focused on optimizing speed and distance with this one, with 18.5mph speed and a 10-mile range even able to climb hills as steep as 20 degrees. The perfect commuters board, practical and more than a bit of a thrill.

Durable with an 11 ply of maple wood with an inbuilt disguised battery, finished with a slick and stylish look whilst arriving at your door ready built. Pintail tail fin for beginners ease and has two speed modes and even a reverse option for those of you crazy enough! Weight 14lbs – one of the lighter ones for the range covered.

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  • Durable and Stylish
  • Fantastic money for value when considering the top speed and available range
  • Arrives ready made – so no messing with nuts and bolts!
  • Easier to push than most electric skateboards


  • Not been around for long – the reviews are fantastic however the product has only been released this year definitely a product to keep on the lookout for
  • 2 Hour battery recharge time

#4 Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard

Yuneec have created a board claiming some serious range with the manufacturers stating up to an 18 miles making this the true marathon runner all the while leaving any of it’s competitors still at home on charge.

The board comes with an adjustable speed control enabling people to reach speeds of 12.5mph, not the fastest but with the range this board has you will able to cruise along for a good while. Yuneec have even included a prominent kick fin, making controlling this cruiser all the easier for you.

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  • Positive braking system
  • Kicktail tail fin for steering and control
  • The best range (some reviews have stated the range lessens as weight of rider increases which is as to be expected)
  • Price (cheap, but very cheerful)


  • A little heavier at 22.9lbs but with the range why would you carry it?!
  • Slower than some of the other more dominant competitors
  • 4 Hour battery recharge time

#5 Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

Next up is the guys at Alouette making a slick looking board for fraction of the price of some of the more highly sought after e-boards. Built from 6 layers of Canadian maple and a layer of bamboo, accelerating up to 12.4mph and reaching a range of up to 9.3 miles whilst able to climb 15″ hills means you definitely get your bang for your buck with this one. 2 speed control settings for any skill level. Weight 13.9lbs (Slightly lighter than some of the other competitors)

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  • 2 speed motor for all skill levels (Slow 6.2mph fast 12.4mph)
  • Inbuilt break
  • 1 Year warranty


  • A little shorter than other e-boards
  • 2 Hour battery recharge time

#6 BLITZART Huracane 38″ Electric Skateboard

Next up with a variety of colors to choose from and arriving ready made is the Blitzart Huracane made from 6 ply of maple wood with 2 layers of bamboo wood on the underside of the deck make for high durability and flexibility. The deck has a carry handle built in for if you go past the 10-mile range spec. Definitely not the slowest with just over 17mph the max speed and weighing only 13lbs.

Reviews are claiming the acceleration is a bit of a beast and requires getting used to, some reviewers even claiming they have overtaken people on the more expensive competitors Boosted boards, advice shows maybe this one is not for beginners and more of the experienced boarders deck.

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  • Regenerative braking systems
  • Carrying handle inbuilt into board
  • Shipped fully built and ready to ride!
  • Price (One of the cheapest for what you get)
  • 3 month warranty


  • Single hub motor means this board has less torque than some of the other competitors
  • 2.5 hour recharge time

#7 Atom Electric H16D Carbon Longboard Skateboard

Sliding into seventh with their stealthy sounding and sleek looking carbon fiber board are the Atom crew, unlike most electronic boards the battery is discretely hidden instead of the usual bulky hanging off the underside design. Intelligent braking system, won’t come to a direct halt at high speeds making it easier not to be thrown off. One of the lighter ones at just 13lbs and one of the faster ones too reaching a max speed of 20mph across a 10-mile range.

The board comes with brush less motor hubs meaning the board can function as a standard longboard by disengaging the motor, with the water resistant construction and the ability to push yourself along or use the motors for an extra push not much will be stopping you from getting where you need to.

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  • Built in USB Charger! Technology is truly amazing you can charge your phone on the way to work on your motorized longboard
  • Stealthy (very quiet motor)
  • Looks like a normal longboard with no bulky battery hanging below the deck
  • Breaking system optimized for safety and efficiency


  • Carbon fiber is strong but not particularly flexible so turning can be more restrictive than the wooden decks (Carbon fiber also said to make the ride rougher)
  • Strange “Turtle” or “Rabbit” mode instead of just Fast or Slow function buttons
  • 2 hour battery recharge time

#8 BLITZART X-Plore Electric Skateboard Longboard

Find the true explorer in you with the Blitzart x-plore. Made to last with 7 ply of maple wood and 2 ply of bamboo, flexible and durable were definitely in the specs for this one. Reaching a max speed of 17mph and able to cover ranges of up to 10 miles. Brushless hub motor instead of belt motor makes for a more stealthy and quiet ride, hub motors are renowned for reliability and practicality.

Who needs one handle when you can have TWO! The alternative looking X shape of the board allows for two handles making carrying your board around all the easier. Whilst only weighing 13lbs it’s one of the lighter ones too.

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  • Built to last with 7 ply of maple and 2ply of bamboo for more enable more flexibility
  • 3 month product warranty
  • Shipped ready to ride!
  • Quiet and easy to carry


  • 2 and a half hour battery recharge time
  • Single hub motor makes climbing hills of steeper inclines a bit of a challenge

#9 ACTON BLINK S Electronic Skateboard

Action have created this small but nimble board with 3 speed options, fantastic for the cost but some reviews state the brakes being very sudden in the higher speed mode.The higher speed mode however does allow you to get up to 15 miles an hour which is plenty of bang for your buck, especially when considering the board is able to climb inclines of up to 15% (higher than some of it’s more expensive competitors).

A True Urban Street Cruiser. The Atom Blink S also functions as a normal skateboard with very limited restriction if any from the hub motor. If it’s college or work or even meeting a friend for coffee chances are you can make it there and back if not you’ll certainly be able to charge it in no time as it takes up to 1 hour. Take it anywhere as the 80wh battery is allowed for air travel (Still always check with your flight company)

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  • 6 Month limited warranty (in this case meaning if there is manufacturing problems)
  • 1 Hour recharge time (very quick for if your on the go)
  • Only weighs 10lbs (Think that’s the lightest yet!)
  • LED Light strip underneath board for safety


  • 7 mile range
  • Acceleration and brakes arguably take a bit of getting used to
  • Lack of flexibility from board structure

#10 SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Longboard

Sliding into the last place (Definitely still a fantastic board, bear in mind there are a lot more than 10 out there) is the Swagboard. Constructed from 7ply of Canadian maple wood makes for a durable board, easy to carry with its two handles. The concave shape of the deck makes turning easier.

As the cheapest board there is no surprise to find out the speed is not that of a cheetah on energy drinks but it still pulls off up to 11 mph (About average human running speed) and covers up to 10 miles in range which makes cruising the cities that much easier. 

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  • Charge your remote control on the go with USB attachment
  • Easy to use slider on remote for speed adjustment
  • Strong and flexible (due to concave design)


  • Slower than most other boards
  • Deck material maple is not as flexible as bamboo

So Which Do I Pick?

There are a lot of options that suit a lot of different needs from delivering the highest speed to being able to take it to any country that you like and see the world from the wheels of an electric skateboard.

The truth is there is no best buy electronic skateboard of 2018 because each board meets the needs of their owner to a T, you may love making tight turns or speeding past cyclists. You may love that it’s easy to carry and just makes your life easier or simply because it looks awesome.

Take some time to consider what you want from your electronic skateboard/longboard, I have highlighted the pros and cons of each and every board it is simply a matter of finding what best suits you! I hope you get everything you’re looking for and more, there is serious dedication to perfection among these e-board manufacturers with many happy customers. Ride Well and Stay Safe (See Safety Gear Here)