The ‘us’ in this case is Lewis and Rob, we are son and father living in the UK and we’d like to welcome you to our website.

Mountain Boarding or as it’s also known – All Terrain Boarding (ATB) – is something we’ve only relatively recently started to get involved in.

How it started

Just before Lewis’s 21st birthday Rob saw an advertisement in the local newspaper for a ‘Mountain Board – hardly used’ and asked Lewis if he’d like it as a birthday present, so a phone call to the vendor ensued and the next day, a trip to view it and, as it turned out, actually buy it.

It was actually completely unused, needed the tires pumping up and a couple of nuts tightening but after we’d done that it was ready to go!

The first time

Obviously once you have a board you want to be on it as soon as possible, so off we went in search of suitable terrain.

We are lucky in that we now live in an area with plenty of open countryside that contains hills, having lived for many years in the flattest area of the UK we recently re-located to one far more suited to ATB.

However, we are a bit unlucky in that, being in the UK, it’s wet a fair bit of the time and that can make it very difficult to get up to any decent speed when boarding off-road, having said that it can make for a much softer landing when you fall off!

We actually found a gentle sloping path that was suitable for our purposes, it was tarmac but had soft ground either side in case of crashes.

First few weeks – Two essential lessons

Most sports are difficult when you first start out and mountain boarding is no different, with anything that involves a form of ‘vehicle’ things become even more difficult.

Two of the key lessons that were learned in the first few weeks were – learning where on the board to put your weight – you need it to be more at the front of the board when going downhill in a straight line and more towards the rear when making a turn, secondly we need to make sure the ‘trucks’ are tight enough, this will reduce the board’s ‘wobble’ when traveling at speed and hopefully stop us falling off quite as often.

Future endeavours

We hope to help others enjoy this exhilarating sport safely by providing reviews of all the equipment connected with ATB’s we can find and obviously we’ll be looking at the ATB’s themselves.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for suitable places for courses, tracks etc on our travels and we’d be happy to hear from folk who’ve discovered decent or promising venues in their own areas or in places they’ve visited.

If we can help connect like-minded people in order to socialize and/or enjoy the sport together then we’d be absolutely delighted.

We think it’s a great sport to get involved in, exciting and brilliant for keeping fit! If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,

Rob and Lewis Parkes